Rich Keal

Entreprenuer and Financial Guide in Seattle, WA

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As a person who has always been a relentless and curious consumer of information, the how and why has always been in the contrasts and distortions of the truth. That behavior became extremely focused and valuable relative to economics and finance in 1997 with my discovery that financial institutions rarely use compound interest as a sole mode of profitability. Rehypothecation is the engine running the financial world promoted by central banks.

My 35 year experience has led me to the further conclusion that most of the programming in traditional financial education is a "Matrix" designed to divert the collective consciousness toward a risk/reward paradigm rather than using reason, logic and imagination to create mutually beneficial solutions. The consequences have been dire, creating countless economic slaves world wide. Contracting among free people changes the game and our world. Let me show you the alternatives. is a great place to start.

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